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Biomass Briquettes &
Biomass Briquetting Plant


Our New Research

Our Research is actively engaged in developing and demonstrating new briquetting and compacting applications. Our laboratory is equipped with bench scale, pilot plant, and production size briquettes and compactors. The Title of our New Research is “Preparation of Biomass Briquettes and testing its efficiency”. The energy content of briquettes ranged from 4.50 to 5.98 kilo joule per gram (kJ/g) is depending on composition, whereas the energy content of sawdust, charcoal and wood pellets ranged from 7.30 to 8.30 kJ/g.

Integrating technology and industrial trade, Jay Khodiyar Machine Tools is a professional manufacturer of complete set of briquetting equipment, series briquetting machine/briquetting press, and briquetting production line machinery, briquettes drying machine (Turbo Dryer) etc. Biomass Briquettes is molded into a cylindrical form exhibited energy output similar to that of the traditional fuels. The low-energy content feed stocks can be composted, pressed and combusted to produce heat output appropriate with higher energy content fuels.

“By saving trees that would otherwise be cut down for charcoal or firewood production, briquetting is protecting the country’s forest, savanna and dry land habitats, and contributing towards the country’s reaching its 10% forest cover target by 2030. It is also easing the energy demand from fossil fuels and grid electricity.”

Briquetting Plant Supplier, Biomass Briquetting Supplier, India

To make low production cost with the nearer same production capacity of 75 HP Model.

Construction Ability 1100-1200 Kg/Hr.
Refined Product Size 90 mm Diameter
Finished Product Shape :: Cylindrical
Process Cost/MT (Approx) :: IRs.300/-

Optimum Fabrication Capacity.
Heavy Structured with Standard Design.
Easy to Operate and Minimal maintenance cost.
Low production cost due to state of art technology.
Low electric consumption due to direct feeding without hammer mill.
High density of finished product with 90 mm diameter.


Construction Ability 1200-1500 Kg/Hr.
Refined Product Size 90 mm Diameter
Finished Product Shape Cylindrical
Process Cost/MT (Approx) :: IRs.350/-

Optimum Fabrication Capacity.
Easy Operating System.
Production Capacity of this Model is 1200 to 1500 Kg / Hour.
Heavy Structured with Standard Design.
Low production cost due to state of art technology.
Minimum maintenance Cost of this Model of Briquetting Plant.
Low electric utilization because of straight feeding with no hammer mill.
High thickness of finished product with 90 mm diameter.


JUMBO-BRQ 9050 & JUMBO - BRQ 9075
Side Elevation with Backside Conveyor.

Briquetting Press Open Terrace
Ground Flooring Reduction Gear
Load Wheel Water Tank
Space for Row Material Screw Conveyor
Funnel (Kupy) Main Electric Motor
Electric Motor Flat Belt
Bricks Wall of Shade Die Holder

In many countries Binder Less Technology is most famous and successful. The cost of implementing a new technology such as Biomass into the current infrastructure is also high. The fixed costs with the production of Biomass Briquettes are high due to the new undeveloped technologies that revolve around the extraction, production and storage of the biomass.

The binder less technology is based on very high solid personality of combustibles agriculture wastes such as baggasse and saw dust, rice husk, groundnut shells, and cotton stalk etc. into cylindrical shaped briquettes during high heat process or due to pressure or heat. Biomass is collected from organic materials. Therefore, the large amounts of land are required to produce the fuel. The use of Biomass Briquettes is strongly encouraged by issuing carbon credits. One carbon credit is equal to one free ton of carbon dioxide to be emitted into the atmosphere.

Biomass Briquettes have been progressively increasing in many advance countries like: India, Switzerland, Denmark, U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, and U.K. Industries if these countries realize the benefits of decreasing pollution through the use of biomass briquettes. The Briquetting Plant consists of two major units (Briquetting Unit and Powder Making Unit).


The various Raw materials available from regions converted into powder form & Homogeneous mixing of different available raw materials are made & then the said powder form becomes input for briquetting press (unit). This sizing up unit requires only in SUPER-60 (60. mm die briquettes and have required by the material handling equipment like Conveyor, Blower, Cyclone etc.


Prepared homogeneous raw material feed to briquetting press by screw conveyor for regular feeding. In briquetting press it passes through taper die and punch & due to high pressure & heat powder form converts into solid cylindrical briquettes due to pressure & heat, lignite content of all raw material it convert in liquid form & act as a binder so in this technology there is no need to add any binder to form briquettes.


Super 60

There are two main models of Briquetting Plants. These are Super 60 Model and Jumbo 90 Model.
We present the latest version of Super-60 Model. This model is best for those who desire extra production than Super - 60 Model (500-1400 kg/hr). It is supported by Hammer mill to convert raw material into powder form.

Fabrication Capacity 500 to 1400 kg/hr
Refined product Size 60mm Diameter
Briquette Length 100mm To 200 mm
Finished Product Shape Cylindrical
Raw - Material Form Powdery form
Development Cost/Mt (Approx.)
IRS.600 to 750/-


Jumbo 90

We are one of the preeminent manufacturer and supplier of Jumbo 90 Model from Rajkot, Gujarat. It has jumbo production capacity with minimum operating cost compare to other models. Some latest modifications make it more economical and most effective model. This model will accept only powdery form of Raw Material so; it must required Powder Making Unit. Powder making unit consist parts of:


Input Raw Material Form Powdery Form Up to 20mm Size
Production Capacity 1500 Kg / Hr.
Finished Product Size 90mm diameter
Finished Product Shape Cylindrical

This Briquetting Plant Model has Jumbo Production Capacity.
Easy Operating System.
It has heavy structure with standard design.
Acceptability up to 20mm size of raw material
Low production cost per MT due to state of the art technology
Low maintenance cost of this Briquetting Plant Jumbo 90 Model.
No loss of production and Air pollution due to direct feeding system.
High-density of finished product with 90 mm diameter.